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Use of social media for Discipleship in rural areas


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#medialit13 – Surprised at what you don’t expect to learn…

This week the #medialit13 conference has been fascinating and challenging, with still one more day to go… Some aspects I would prefer not to have taken part in, like the video’d role play of being interviewed by a reporter about … Continue reading

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Book Review – Donovan, VJ (2009) Christianity Rediscovered, London, SCM Press.

  Christianity Rediscovered tells of the journey of Vincent Donovan, a Catholic Missionary’s journey among the Masai people in East Africa. The book begins with a frank overview of the effect of colonialism and missionary endeavours had amongst African Cultures. … Continue reading

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We are who we are…

There is no one way to worship or be a Christian. Just like the gospel accounts differ they differ because we come from different background. Different influences. It is only through our diversity that the true face of God can … Continue reading

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About Me!

I am currently a Methodist Student Minister, training at The Wesley Study Center in Durham. Going through the candidating process was tough… worth it though! How did I get here…. I have been immersed in Methodism all my life, being born and … Continue reading

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