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“The Holy Spiri…

“The Holy Spirit is the global positioning system (GPS) you need to operate online. He is the Power Source that will keep your heart fixed and ministry fruitful. He makes your life and God’s Word sticky to the rest of … Continue reading

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Use of social media for Discipleship in rural areas


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#medialit13 – Surprised at what you don’t expect to learn…

This week the #medialit13 conference has been fascinating and challenging, with still one more day to go… Some aspects I would prefer not to have taken part in, like the video’d role play of being interviewed by a reporter about … Continue reading

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Book Review – Donovan, VJ (2009) Christianity Rediscovered, London, SCM Press.

  Christianity Rediscovered tells of the journey of Vincent Donovan, a Catholic Missionary’s journey among the Masai people in East Africa. The book begins with a frank overview of the effect of colonialism and missionary endeavours had amongst African Cultures. … Continue reading

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We are who we are…

There is no one way to worship or be a Christian. Just like the gospel accounts differ they differ because we come from different background. Different influences. It is only through our diversity that the true face of God can … Continue reading

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About Me!

I am currently a Methodist Student Minister, training at The Wesley Study Center in Durham. Going through the candidating process was tough… worth it though! How did I get here…. I have been immersed in Methodism all my life, being born and … Continue reading

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