Turning the tide

Pondering as you do floating out to sea… 

When your back is to the land the sea looks a place of hopelessness. With no land to turn to or vessel to head towards. How often do we see hopelessness in our lives, faith and church?

So many people I listen to in church say how things will never change, there is no hope. With such positivity they are probably right!

But there is hope so long as we are willing to listen to the Holy Spirit and to act. Some may not like desicion I make, changing what they know and find comfortable with. (I only change things when there is a real need or good reason, though others can find it hard to see that)

To share the gospel we need in some cases to get uncomfortable, to go to those places where we fear to tread. 

I’ve been very impressed with one of my churches who are willing to try new ways of engaging with their local community, willing to go into areas where most members have no experience but they want to connect with others. 

Many talk of the dangers of social media, and yes I agree when used without thinking about the potential harm that can be caused through it. There are also many ways of connecting with today’s society, to give them easy access to what is going on and to tell them about us and what we believe. 

We will never please all people all of the time… The main thing though is the willingness to try new things or things they have tried before. 

 There will be decisions or changes that people will never happily accept, but the church just like us as human beings are always changing. We need to accept that following the will of God invoves us changing as much as changing how and what we do. 
I sit here not far from St Paul’s Bay wondering how different the bible would look now if we did not have the letters from Paul and his journey of faith? 

We need to share our faith journeys with those in the church as much as those outside our church communities. Making the most of every opportunity. 

About localpreacherforkliftdriver

I am a Methodist Minister taking up a new appointment in the North Cheshire Circuit, September 2019, with pasoral charge of Tarvin, Kelsall, Rowton, Christleton, Mickle Trafford, Oakmere & Bunburry with Tiverton churches. Views are my own.
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