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Water from an ancient well: Celtic spirituality for modern life by Kenneth McIntosh

“Loving God is a lifelong pilgrimage, a labyrinth walk that in this mortal life never fully reaches the centre point.”            Kindle Edition – loc 335    Thanks be to You, Jesus Christ For the many … Continue reading

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Lacey the newest member of the family…

Yesterday we went to visit a litter of puppies to see if we could find Lacey. Obviously as our other dog is called Cagney we just had to call the newest member of the family Lacey. We arrived and this … Continue reading

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Circuit Quiet Day thinking about “The tree of life”

  Combining the circuit quiet day and ended with MWiB Easter Offering Service.  For my part we were looking at the life cycle of a tree.          It was a fairly quiet room but it was lovely to be … Continue reading

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No day is ever the same in ministry…

It’s the small things that make the biggest impacts… Continue reading

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Faith and Politics

Yesterday we went and made our mark.   Even Cagney came as well! I woke up this morning to see many comments on Social Media of disappointment of the way the election result was headed. Regardless of what you think … Continue reading

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I often wonder how people perceive me when I’m leading worship… Now I have and idea

Yesterday morning at church, while I was introducing what we were going to do during worship I noticed one of the children drawing. It wasn’t until we were about to start working in groups that I realised what she had … Continue reading

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