#medialit13 – Surprised at what you don’t expect to learn…


This week the #medialit13 conference has been fascinating and challenging, with still one more day to go… Some aspects I would prefer not to have taken part in, like the video’d role play of being interviewed by a reporter about a scenario connected to the church. I also seemed to gained a new name, thanks Drew…


For me one of the most fascinating aspects has been the interest taken around the way I as a person with dyslexia interacts. There is no standard that fits all dyslexic people, we all have different ranges in the way we learn and interact. This means, the way I describe the way in which I interact can be completely different to someone else with dyslexia.

I struggle when all I hear and see are words, it can take what seems like an age longer than everyone else to read just a small paragraph. I am much more a visual processor, just like when I write anything I see it more as an image with emotion or feelings that I then need to transpose into words. Do not expect my spelling, punctuation and grammar to be good, I can imagine for others reading such bad use of language can put you off reading what I write.

During this week, there has really been only one session which I have not been able to engage with properly. That has nothing to do with the content being taught, as I would say all the aspects that have been covered have been extremely useful. The reason I have not been able to engage is due to the delivery style, that was full of words which I was unable to then translate.

As the subject came up of the way I engaged through a variety of stimulation’s that consist of visuals and text the size of a tweet on twitter or key words, also other sensory aspects like sounds and smells can also help to construct the image in my head of the information someone is trying to get across to me. I have been impressed with the way one tutor in particular took this into consideration when preparing their session. I found that having an explanation with visuals first, then helped me to read the next slide which had the written text on. This was aided by having the key text related to the images underlined, which I found worked better than having those text in bold type.

The varying use of a variety of media does not just apply to dyslexic people, each one of us will have our own combination that will help us learn and interact. This can also be applied to the way in which we engage with communities online and the way we share the gospel in and outside of church.

I would like to encourage anyone to have a go at something new, it might not be something you are comfortable but you may be surprised with the way you pick it up. Or just as importantly you might find you are able to interact with someone, to get your message across where you have not been able to before.

Take a chance, have a go at something new, on or offline… you might surprise yourself.


If you would like information on some of the basic standard of style that work for many dyslexic’s, there are plenty of web sites which will tell you what fonts, backgrounds ect work well.

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I am a Methodist Minister taking up a new appointment in the North Cheshire Circuit, September 2019, with pasoral charge of Tarvin, Kelsall, Rowton, Christleton, Mickle Trafford, Oakmere & Bunburry with Tiverton churches. Views are my own.
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1 Response to #medialit13 – Surprised at what you don’t expect to learn…

  1. That is really impressive that they took your learning style into consideration.

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